turtles in my sketchbook:
Mikey: 21
Donnie: 14
Leo: 14
Raph: 10
Total: 59


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27/02/23 14:58
what would happen if we gave them a rubik's cube?
Donnie: solves it
Leo:takes it apart and puts it back together properly. pretends he actually solved it
Raph: tries to solve it, gets frustrated and throws it and it breaks
Mikey: peels off the stickers and sticks them on the wall

p.s new art up !!

26/02/23 21:21
used GIMP for the first time 2day. art is in the gallery section. i drew mikey and raph from my own AU (we'll be seeing a lot more of them and their bros) °˖✧◝(^w^)◜✧˖°<

08/02/23 09:16
one of my friends: "(rise)Mikey is a total powerhouse. The mikeychondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

06/02/23 11:32
my younger sister is convinced there is 5 ninja turtles. she has watched all of the 2012 series and s1 of the 2003 series. how.

05/02/23 16:04
04/02/23 22:33

one of the best dirty jokes in tmnt imo

04/02/23 21:40
saw a video file in the 'art' video of my drive that i didn't recognize. opened it and it was this:

30/01/23 19:48
can't figure out how to get the embedded video to work but comparison of Donnie's mystic library rap and the 2012 theme

19/01/23 20:48
don't know why they took this out. when i first watched the movie i was thinkin that Donnie's too observant to have not picked up on that. but whatever i'm not in charge...

18/01/23 19:49
just as an addition to prev. post, Donnie's mystic power is also rly similar to Raph's. Like Raph projects himself and Donnie projects his tech. that's basically the same thing. they could give Donnie smth else along w/ it, but that would make him (more) OP

18/01/23 18:46
Okay but rise!Donnie is actually really OP
'cos like he can make anything w/ his mystic power, right? i mean we don't know what his limits are but here's a clip from a deleted scene where he just makes a whole ass whatever that thing was:
and he doesn't even slow down or struggle or anything
ik Mikey's supposed to be the strongest but honestly i'd say it could be Donnie

16/01/23 18:52
no because why was every marina song written for rise!leo? so many of her songs just fit him so well fr.
image I.D. [a screenshot of rise!leo with the text

03/01/23 22:44
hello and happy new year! since i was last here, my brain has been kidnapped by four turtles so here are some memes from pinterest you probably did not want.