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26/02/23 21:21
first time using gimp 2day. i'm planning on getting a graphics tab but iim drawing w/ a mouse n keyboard 4 now (it's hard lol). art is in the TMNT art gallery. i drew mikey and raph from my own AU. i'm pretty proud of them, esp as i've never rlly done digital b4 (*˘︶˘*).。.:*

22/02/23 21:43
so tired legit about 2 fall asleep @ the keyboard
(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

22/02/23 21:23
hurt my wrist while breakdancing a while back. thought it was better but no :(

18/02/23 22:47
current mood:
a screenshot of donatello from tmnt 2012. he has an excited expression.

18/02/23 22:44
my voltron special interest is back...

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04/02/23 22:43
the chattering lack of common sense by ghost and pals
so stimmy!1!!

04/02/23 22:10
me🤝having special interests in shows with color-coded characters (tmnt, voltron, ducktales, does star trek count?)

(p.s. did i have to copy-paste that emoji bc i'm on win7? maybe.)

04/02/2023 20:20
about to become an unskippable cutscene about one very cool sea slug

i just think it's neat

this is the costasiella kiroshimae, also known as the leaf sheep sea slug. they were first discovered off the coast of kiroshima (hence the name) in 1993. They are able to do a chemical process called kleptoplasty (wikipedia). Instead of digesting the algae the eat, they store the chloroplasts from it inside their body. Later, they take it out to use it to perform photosynthesis.
they also look pretty cool while doing this lol

20/01/23 09:30
i do not understand how i feel so awake rn when i only got 3 1/2 hrs sleep. like i didn't drink coffee or anything i should be tired this makes no sense

17/01/23 10:10
i love the "Merbivore" text editor theme so much the colors are so pretty

15/01/23 18:18
i found a setting on my (Windows 7) PC that allows you to highlight and drag without having to hold down the button on the mouse. i struggle to keep the button held down sometimes so this is very handy. i've only just turned it on but it seems to work well. it's called ClickLock btw.

12/01/23 11:11
i actually got a good sleep last night, which is very rare for me. i kinda forgot what it feels like ngl

11/01/23 17:10
why am i trying to learn morse code rn i have stuff to do

11/01/23 16:50
i hate it whenever i see character playlists online and it's really obvious they just chose popular tiktok songs (my ordinary life, hayloft etc.) or songs that really don't fit the character and just seem like their own playlist.

22/12/22 16:41
winter break has only just started and i'm already bored enough to come up with a cipher that only uses 3 characters (extra if used to seperate letters and words)
image ID: [a= B, b= BB, c=BBB, d=BBBB, e=A, f=AB, g=ABB etc. basically you take the letter as a number (a=1, b=2, c=3 etc.) and write it using the 'A' as a 5 and the 'B' as a 1. use a 'C' before one of these numbers to show it's actually supposed to be read as a number. separate letters and words however you like (i use a period between letters and a space between words in the example below) e.g. PLAIN TEXT: 2 cool 4 school. CIPHER TEXT: CBB  BBB.AAA.AAA.AABB  CBBBB  AAABBBB.BBB.AAA.AAA.AABB you can also order the numbers like roman numerals, so 'd' would be 'BA' instead of 'BBBB', but i find this kinda confusing.] end image ID

19/12/22 10:30
found out there's a word that's the opposite of schadenfreude.

Confelicity: Pleasure in another's happiness.

now I need an opportunity to use this.

18/12/22 20:00
thought this was interesting
image ID: [A QUIRKY METHOD FOR MILE–KILOMETRE CONVERSION. About 800 years ago, a mathematician called Leonardo of Pisa (who was nicknamed Fibonacci) wrote about a curious sequence of numbers. Starting with 0 and 1, the sequence goes as follows:0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55. Each number in the sequence is obtained by adding the previous two terms. So, after 55, the next term will be 34+55=89. Now here is the remarkable thing. From the number 3 onwards, if you take any two consecutive terms in the Fibonacci sequence, their ratio is very close to 1.6. For example, 13÷8=1.625, and 34÷21=1.619. This isn’t just a fluke; it turns out that as you go further along the sequence, the ratio of successive terms in the Fibonacci sequence gets closer and closer to a number known as the ‘Golden Ratio’, which is roughly 1.618. The coincidence is that the Golden Ratio is very close to 1.609, which is the ratio of miles to kilometres. So if you want to convert 13 miles to kilometres, then, just by glancing at the Fibonacci sequence, you can estimate that the answer is going to be about 21 km, and you’ll be correct to within 1%. It works in reverse, too. Travelling around Europe, you spot that your destination is 34 kilometres. ‘That’s 21 miles,’ you can state, with remarkable accuracy.] end image ID
from: Maths on the back of an envelope by Rob Eastaway Goodreads

13/12/22 22:17
y'know what i think is really weird (bad weird)? if a mixed person with one white parent and one black parent was to say they were white, people would have problems with that but no one woud bat an eyelid if this same person said they were black. i don't know but it seems like there might be something messed up behind this. think about it

12/12/22 19:49 (7 and 7 squared)
never really got into the habit of commenting my code when i started out. i figured that i would know what i meant, and no one else would be looking at my code, so i didn't need to accomodate for them. starting to regret it now, needing to come back to old stuff. oh well

12/12/22 18:18

09/12/22 18:45
my "to watch" list:
there's defintely more but i don't remember them.

05/12/22 20:35
it's like 2 degrees colder than normal and my hands have decided to do pain about it. they're kinda blue too i need to find my gloves :( :(

04/12/22 20:00
i wanna buy an mp3 player. partially to not drain my phone battery when listening to music. also just for the vibes.

02/12/22 08:42
i have an oral exam today. apparently they're testing us mostly on conversational skills and being confident with the language. but like, i'm not even good at those things in my first language. wish me luck!

28/11/22 10:00
i am the epitome of the chaotic academia aesthetic. not in a cool way or anything i am just an nerd and a mess.

i don't get how people don't like learning. like school sucks ass and the entire school system has its problems (lots of them actually), but the world has so much cool stuff in it like how do you not want to know about it? how are you not even a little curious about anything?

the phrase "cost of living" is actually pretty fucked up if you think about it.

what have I been listening to recently?